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World Renowned 300+ acre park in Tampa, Florida (US)

Building Automation System BAS for Park in Tampa Florid

At this world renowned 300+ acre park in Tampa, the marriage of a Building Automation System (BAS) with an animal Life Support System (LSS )—needed for many exhibits at the park— was a unique challenge.

The LSS is a combination of mechanical, electrical and chemical equipment for maintaining a variety of environments for many different types of animals, including water habitats. Often, the control system (covering more than 4500 control points or objects) for LSS is a prioritized system separate from the system used for HVAC in buildings—which one may view as a life support system for people.

In this case, linking BAS with the LSS made perfect sense. The two systems have many common components including:

  • Motor sensors
  • Temperature  and Humidity sensors
  • Pressure and Air flow sensors
  • Valve acutators
  • Amperage sensors

Maintenance and usage efficiencies could be created by the combination of the two systems. These include such benefits as energy savings, trend logs, alarm events and the ability to change or input the systems remotely, thus preventing small issues from becoming huge problems.  Additionally the new Delta systems installed simplified management for the 10 member facilities crew through with a user friendly web-based graphics interface, similar to the parks existing Delta BAS HVAC system.

Significant energy savings delivered by the new system through features such as ultrasonic sensors which maintains water levels within .5” and the ability to use variable frequency drive pump systems and valve manipulation to maintain flows with minimal waste.  Emergency backups have been improved with remote controls over various systems (i.e. restart pumps after electrical failure) and the ability to automatically operate equipment and alarm based on conditions of system, and automatically notify appropriate personnel 24/7.

Plus the management of the park has the ability to expand the system or fully automate it in the future, making it a safe investment.