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Radisson Blu (INDIA)

hotel adisson blue goa india

The Radisson Blu is a 132-roomed resort located in Goa, India. Spanning across 7 acres, the resort design represents the local Portuguese era’s history and architectural influence in Goa. Delta Controls’ partner Bajaj Electricals Ltd., was responsible for integrating air handling units (AHU), fan and chiller plants to the building management systems (BMS).

The ChallengePartner of Delta Control, Bajaj Electricals was tasked with providing building occupants with complete temperature control in their rooms. In addition, resort staff needed temperature control to the conference hall, cafeteria, administration offices, and the Titos Club (a nightclub inside the resort). The building needed a centralized HVAC system, along with single seat management for fire and smoke detection. Due to the short timeline of the project, the systems had to work immediately after the install as there was very little time for testing the implementation.

The Solution: The engineers worked around the clock in order to finish the project in the short time frame. Radisson Blu was built to 5 star LEED rating standards, helping the owners and operators to be more environmentally responsible. The Delta Controls ORCAview BMS software is used to integrate different building systems throughout Radisson Blu. By controlling the AHU’s, application controllers, and field modules through ORCAview, operators are given more control over the building.

The Result: By the end of the installation, the whole building had been made BACnet™ compatible, making future system upgrades and additions easier. Since managing the BMS is so easy and intuitive, the resort staff can spend more resources focusing on giving their guests the best possible hotel experience. Radisson Blu management is looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Bajaj Electricals.