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Grand Hyatt (US)

Hyatt hotels set a high standard of guest comfort and wanted to ensure that they could provide a completely hypo allergenic sleeping environment to their occupants - this is an HVAC challenge in humid areas like Florida.

Delta Partner, Advanced Automation Systems (AAS), helped the Tampa Hyatt give their guests complete individual room temperature preferences in all 411 rooms without using supplemental heat and maintaining humidity control.  As part of the renovation the mechanical contractor rebuilt the existing chilled water fan coils in each room. AAS utilized Delta’s DAC 322 controller and DNS-H24 space sensors with true humidity sensing were installed to modulate the water values to maintain a humidity level of less than 60% in each space, which allowed the room occupant individual temperature control.   As part of the overall plan the Hyatt elected to expand the Native BACnet™ Delta System by integrating the 100% Chilled Water Outside Air Units providing conditioned outside air to the facility. The result has been an elimination of 99% of room related complaint calls to hotel management.

The confidence  that the director of facilities had in these solutions and the commitment by Advanced Automation Systems led to the transfer of control of their 1000 ton central plant from their old EMS provider over to Delta Controls’ new eBCON  system. The system is monitored and controlled via Delta’s 3.40 software featuring custom 3-D dynamic graphics.

Director of Facilities Timothy Hotter stated: “We’ve been really impressed with how Advanced Automation Systems were able to solve our problems using the Delta Product, we are happy we made the switch and know we can look forward to similar success with the ventilation of our large meeting spaces as the next renovation phase”.