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SAMMC Healthcare (US)

Building Automation for US Army Hospital

When several US army hospital sites were consolidated into one facility in Brooke Army Medical Centre it was clear the existing building management systems could not combine platforms, and future upgrades and expansions would have been difficult.  The benefit of an open protocol BACNet™ system was clear and the range of systems integration and versatility that Delta’s product line provides made Delta the chosen solution after a vendor selection process. SAMMC controls are in house maintained so Delta’s extensive technical support and ease of use was valued.

The 2.7m sq ft (251,000 sq. m.) site covered varied environments, from a level 1 trauma center and operating theatres to wards, water therapy pools and research laboratories - standardization across the campus became a unifying element.  A single delta platform can serve both operations (networking and systems integration) and service functions (energy management and facility maintenance optimization).

The state of the art new Battlefield Health and Trauma Centre need the Delta system to maintain close tolerances of temperature, humidity and room pressurization essential in a large research facility and for isolation and primary care facilities.   Two 24/7 workstations monitor over 100,000 control points (and 2000 critical alarm points) providing real time graphics of performance and trends against the long term data stored on the environmental conditions maintained.

The central energy plant was extended with two automated satellite plants which supply chilled water and emergency power.  Delta controllers implemented energy saving algorithms that allowed this project to receive LEED Gold standard, and which continues to deliver equipment efficiency.