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Sunroad Enterprises, San Diego, California (US)

sunroad enterprises HVAC Automation

Delta Partner: Automated Control Services Inc.

Sunroad Corporation is a real estate developer and management company with buildings and projects throughout the San Diego area. Their corporate offices consist of three four-story buildings located in a campus setting. Total square footage is 350,000.  When retrofitting the corporate office Chief Engineer and Project Manager Erik McFarland realized the benefits of an open protocol building control system. "Not being linked to a proprietary system gives Sunroad the freedom to choose the vendor or equipment we want in the future, as opposed to being tied to a single supplier."

System solution: Using the open-ended architecture that BACnet™ provides, evaporation cooled energy management systems were integrated for each building. Three hundred individual, independent air-conditioning units are controlled and monitored from a single management site, yet each tenant has control of their own thermostats within established setpoints.

Results: "What I like most about the Delta Controls system is that it is very flexible in terms of programming," Mr. McFarland reports. "It’s not a fixed system that forces me to do what it thinks I want. Instead, I’m able to customize it to best suit my needs. And that makes my job a whole lot easier." He is so impressed with the system, he is in the process of incorporating a Delta Controls Access System into the buildings.

Mr. McFarland goes on to say, "Delta has a very good system but in my years of experience the best systems are only as good as the people that support it. Delta has gone the additional step of understanding the importance of customer service. They provide local representatives the ability to be there for you and provide service beyond installation. I have not dealt with a supporting cast for a product any better than ACS."