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JCCI Building, Johannesburg, South Africa

ICCI Johannesburg Building Automation

Delta Partner: SCMC

Built thirty years ago, the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) building, with its inverted design, was featured in several prominent British architectural reviews. Today, it houses important city and trade offices.  However various generations of air conditioning equipment had to be integrated with a new control system during a retrofit upgrade.  Operations personnel wanted to gain control of the diverse functions and operations of the facility’s systems to provide individual tenants with climate control of their respective spaces. Cost savings through improved performance and energy management were also sought. And all system components had to communicate using a standard open protocol to assure future investment protection.

System solution: A BACnet™ solution using Delta Controls allows for occupants to control their own temperatures within setpoints defined by building management. Should individual occupants cross setpoints regularly, a message is automatically scrolled across the LCD requesting that the occupant call for service, with contact name and number provided. Accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world, the Delta Controls system allows for the creation of Tenant Portals from which individuals can view graphics detailing usage information, adjust setpoints, even switch off an individual light if required.

Results: According to Ms. Jean Roberts, Building Manager/Accounts Officer at the JCCI building, the Delta Controls system with its intuitive graphic interface is "very friendly and easy to use." Tenants have the freedom to control their own environments while building management is able to maintain overall supervision and control. By using a BACnet™ open system, the building was able to upgrade its functions and control without having to further invest in compatible systems. Since the Delta Controls installation in 2003, Ms. Roberts estimates that the building has saved in the order of 25% in energy costs.