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250 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC (Canada)

250 Howe Street Building Automation

250 Howe Street in Vancouver Canada is home to a number of the city's most prestigious consulting, insurance and investment firms. Its 21 stories encompass 245,000 square feet.  Delta Partner ESC Automation were tasked with installing a control system that offered better reliability, quicker network speed, and a friendlier interface than the systems in the other older buildings in the management company's portfolio which used larger proprietary systems.

System solution: ESC proposed a Web-based plan, using Delta Controls, that allowed for lighting and mechanical equipment control on all floors, including more than 400 fan coil units. Laid out on an Ethernet backbone, the Delta Control system is Web-accessible from anywhere in the world.

Results: Rick Bischler touts the system's user-friendliness, and an “extremely seamless integration.” From command points to floor plans, the graphics and operations make day-to-day use simple and easy. During factory training at Delta Controls, operators were able to train on the same system as was installed in the building. Since the control language is very basic, Rick appreciates the fact that they will be able to modify the system as they become more familiar with it. Based on his experience, the network speed is “appreciably quicker,” which makes monitoring and controlling the building even easier.