Many lighting systems contain wasteful and unreliable long network runs.  Installations frequently contain home-run cabling with all of the user inputs running back to the relay panels increasing installation costs.

Delta Network Solutions

Part of a good distributed lighting control system is the introduction of network switches. Network switches reduce the need for the home-run networks.  Delta Controls network switches feature:

Programmability: Locked in functionality prevents a system from operating the way the building operator specified.  It prevents the user interacting with their space in the way they would like. Switches that can be programmed to function for switching, scene control and ramping, with timed overrides, or housekeeping functionality ensure the operation matches the needs of the occupant in the most intuitive way possible.

Definable number of buttons: Last minute changes regarding how a user wants to interact with their system is a fact of life and having to order replacement devices costs time and money. Capacitive touch switches which are easily field changeable from 1, 2, 4 or 8 buttons per gang allow for last minute changes to the user interface and eliminate mechanical wear which reduces the lifespan of most switches.

Architecturally friendly: Most network switches come in a limited number of basic colors and use the switch manufacturers covers giving designers very little choice in the look of the product.  With network switches designed to fit behind standard décor-style switch plate covers, the readily available options for colors and number of switch gangs improves design choices dramatically.  The ingenious design of allowing for custom button labeling allows for virtually any background or font color and style printed from a color printer to match any décor preferences.


  • The clever design of the network switches manages to improve the experience of installers, designers and end users.
  • Simple configuration means that an installer can minimize disruption on site with reduced installation time.
  • Designed to fit industry standard switch plate covers, button labeling can be replaced by end-users, ensuring the Delta Controls solution will fit any design style today and tomorrow.
  • Flexible configurability, clearly labeled buttons and indicator lights provide intuitive end user interaction with the switch.