Centralized Lighting Control


Centralized low-voltage lighting relay panels have been installed for decades in buildings but without being connected to the building management system.  Older systems have no software workstation capability and even newer ones have limited or no integration capabilities with open building control protocols.

Delta Lighting Solutions

Retrofit to reduce costs: Delta Controls offers you the ability to upgrade a variety of existing lighting relay controllers without the investment of changing out the panel

An open technology you can trust:  BTL listed BACnet™ lighting controllers assure that operators get the highest level of interoperability and functionality out of their lighting system.

Solutions customized towards your building:  No two buildings are the same. So why do most lighting controls manufacturers only allow a handful of control sequences? Powerful custom programmable operation allows the user to determine the ideal strategy for controlling their building.


Having the lighting control system integrated into your building through a single software seat allows you to maximize energy savings, improve building operator workflow and increase occupant comfort.  With all lighting controllers communicating directly on the building’s BACnet network, sharing of operating schedules and occupancy information is simple and efficient, allowing a coordinated approach to energy savings strategies in real time.