Smoke Control

(UL 864 and UUKL Listed Products)

What is UL 864 and UUKL?

UL 864 is the standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems. It sets standards for construction, installation, control, and operation of smoke control devices and their accessories. All things that are necessary to support fire alarm systems.

UUKL is a listing within UL 864 that establishes a rating for the equipment used within a smoke control system.

UL 864 and UUKL are established to ensure that equipment is manufactured and installed correctly so that it’ll remain functional as long as possible to safeguard human life and reduce the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

These ratings require rigorous testing under extreme conditions for the equipment being certified.

Why is Delta dedicated to providing a large lineup of UL 864 certified products?

Delta offers a fully integrated smoke control solution with your BAS system. We believe there shouldn’t be limits when designing for occupant safety. You’re using the same types of products and features employed across the rest of our product line so there won’t be any compromises either.

Blend seamlessly into a Delta network or integrate into an existing system. Deploy self-sufficient smoke control networks with our routing and networking capable UL 864 devices.