Network Sensors & IO Expansion Modules


How many times have you found a controller that would be the perfect fit for your application if only it supported a few more IO points?  Or you need to add a small number of points to an existing system but you are out of room on the nearest controller?


Delta’s line of network sensors and IO expansion modules allow you to expand the available IO without having to purchase a second controller or move to a larger controller if the smaller one better suits your application.

Delta Network Sensors (DNS)

The DNS line of network sensors combine multiple input options such as temperature, humidity and CO2 with and a local user interface into a single attractive wall mount unit.  The local interface includes a display screen allowing the occupant to see the status information such as the current zone temperature.  Pushbuttons allow the user to adjust parameters such as temperature setpoint to suit individual preference.  (Within limits set to balance individual comfort control with energy efficiency.)  Combining these functions into a single network device frees up inputs on the parent controller, provides reduced unit cost and easier installation.

Wireless Sensors

For places were its hard to get wiring to such as glass walls in atriums or vestibules Delta also has lines of wireless EnOcean and ZigBee temperature sensors.

IO Expansion Modules (DFMs)

The DFM line of IO expansion modules allows you to expand the available IO on any of our programmable controllers.