Central Plant Controllers


Central plants form the heart of many HVAC systems. They can vary widely in size and type of equipment but are typically characterized by a large number of monitoring and control points in a central area. Trying to find a scalable system that is powerful enough to manage your largest headquarters building, down to the small remote regional office is not easy.

The enteliSYSTEM Solution

High density I/O capabilities: The modular flexibility of the enteliBUS control system makes it ideal for central plant applications. The enteliBUS Control System is comprised of a powerful Automation Engine “Brain” which provides the control logic for a selection of I/O modules covering all common input and output types.

System controllers:  Alternatively, our Ethernet based range of Delta System Controllers (DSC) have communications, controls and input and output points, all in one self-contained unit.  These powerful controllers can be freely programmed for all types of plant applications and can be expanded with additional field modules.


Today's central plants are tightly integrated systems. Consolidating the I/O control in these applications is cost efficient, provides better control, and is typically easier to engineer and program when compared to using several discrete controllers. The enteliSYSTEM RANGE means;

  • No wasted expenditure as modular components offer unparalleled flexibility to fit your exact needs.
  • An expandable system meeting the needs of even the largest central plant applications.
  • Scalability adding the data points you require for your current application. Easily expand in the future as your system grows.