The enteliZONE Temperature Sensor (eZTS) is a hardwired, 10kΩ wall-mounted temperature sensor. The precision temperature sensor is placed in the same plastic enclosure used by the eZNx product line, so it provides a consistent aesthetic with the other the enteliZONE sensor family devices in your building.


The eZTS is a non-communicating temperature sensor suitable for sites that require a remote hardwired temperature sensor like hallways, mechanical rooms, and data centers. It uses a standard 10kΩ type 3 sensor that can be wired to the external input of an eZNS sensor for temperature averaging, or to a 10k input of any Delta controller.

With your choice of white, black, and grey overlays, the eZTS provides a cost-effective solution that complements the eZNS, eZNT and eZNTW product lines to create a common look throughout a building.


Download the catalog sheet.