enteliZONE Network Thermostat

enteliZONE Network Thermostat (eZNT)

The enteliZONE Network Thermostat (eZNT) is fully programmable thermostat that provides a cost effective solution for room control. With three I/O configurations, it can work alone or as part of a larger system. It offers a wide selection of button overlay and color options to meet your specific needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Three I/O configurations: eZNT-T100, eZNT-T304 and eZNT-T331.
  • On all versions, choose from optional humidity, motion and CO2 sensors to implement advanced control strategies such as demand control ventilation, energy savings based on occupancy and enhanced user comfort.
  • Choose from a variety of backlit colors to provide additional user feedback and esthetic appeal.
  • Use an NFC app on a smartphone or tablet to quickly configure the eZNT in the box or on the wall.
  • With configurable button layouts, customizable faceplates and sensor options, choose the exact configuration that best suits the applications in your space.

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