Your Building Automation System is growing in size and complexity.  From multiple university campuses and school boards, to multi-tenant commercial buildings and hospital groups.  Your building is unique and one size does not fit all.  Add to that, integration of HVAC, Lighting, Access, Energy Management and other facility systems.  So how do you manage a network that big?  How do you effectively visualize the important data from all those buildings?

The enteliWEB Solution

Centralized facility management solution: enteliWEB is an unprecedented system of dashboards and apps that can be entirely customized to present your data how and when you want.  It effortlessly connects to all your facilities under one login, without having to create a giant unmanageable network.  Bringing all your buildings and all your systems into one facility management umbrella saves engineering and maintenance time, and allows operators to work efficiently because they don’t have to work with multiple unconnected systems.

Customized dashboard: With all these interconnected systems comes a great deal of data.  enteliWEB makes sense out of all this data with dashboards.  Dashboards and their components can be built and customized to your needs at every level in enteliWEB.  Enterprise dashboards allow facility managers to quickly evaluate their systems based on KPIs.  Personal dashboards provide an easy way for every operator to view the building the way they want.  System dashboards provide a much richer experience than graphics alone, by combining operational views such as graphics, alarms, apps, widgets, point lists, charts and other tools all on one page.


  • Manage HVAC, lighting, security, energy and other systems with one operator workstation
  • Enterprise, Personal, and System Dashboards provide simple visual summaries of facility information that allow you to drill down and take action
  • enteliWEB can be designed to be exactly what you want, as our partners can add functionality
  • enteliWEB has built-in support for custom dashboards, apps, widgets and reports
  • Standard web technologies allow enteliWEB to be viewed on iPad and Android tablets
  • Manage multiple sites from a single login. No need to worry about duplicate addresses or networking everything together. All you need is an IP address for each site
  • Alarm Management is designed to quickly and efficiently manage alarms from different sites
  • User and Group Management allows you to customize the enteliWEB experience according to your needs
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