Facility managers need to be mobile to do much of their work.  But they also need to keep an eye on the building automation system in real-time.  Responding to alarms or adjusting schedules and set points used to only be possible with PCs or some wall mounted devices.  But none of those allow a facility manager to be truly mobile. 

The enteliWEB Solution

iPads and Android tablets provide facility managers with the option to be much more mobile.  They have the ability to see the data while simultaneously being able to see the building function for themselves. Rather than being chained to their desks in order to monitor their building, they can use enteliWEB on their tablet to interact with their building no matter where they are. While mobile, they can see not just local data, but the performance of the building as a whole entity.

enteliWEB uses the same modern web technologies that mobile devices use, it doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iOS, enteliWEB can be used equally well on both.


  • enteliWEB is built on modern standardized technology, allowing mobile devices to fully display everything in enteliWEB, using technology you are already familiar with
  • Tablet optimized energy dashboard allows you to keep track of energy costs and consumption
  • View data whilst being physically next to the plant or building function
  • Be proactive. Stay in touch with the building performance, no matter where you are and identify potential building issues before they escalate