You’ve given your tenants an amazing building.  From the clean lines of the walls, to the art and the architectural features, everything is in place to impress.  But you shudder to think about the cluster of ugly sensors and awkward controls you will need to put on the wall, in order for the environment to be comfortable.

Your tenants deserve better.  The local interface to your occupants needs to be simple, informative and customized to your building. They don’t want clunky looking buttons with unintuitive menus, surrounded by even worse looking sensors, cluttering the beautiful walls any more than you do.  So how do you get rid of all that clutter and provide comfort controls as unique and engaging as your building?

The enteliTOUCH Solution

Touchscreen interface: The enteliTOUCH is a beautiful seven inch color touchscreen interface.  Modern design and the bright screen add to the aesthetics of your building.  Multiple built-in sensors means less clutter on the walls.  Touchscreen controls are customized exactly the way you want, providing an intuitive interface designed specifically for your tenants. 

Touchscreen dashboard: The enteliTOUCH touchscreen is ideal for displaying energy dashboards in lobbies, controlling room conditions in high-end hotels, meeting rooms, and residential units, or for interfacing with HVAC controls in mechanical rooms.


  • Tenants and operators will find the custom graphics displayed on the bright, high resolution touchscreen, intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Wireless control of I/O reduces installation costs and difficulty for both retrofit and new construction projects.
  • Combining a customizable touchscreen display, BACnet™ capabilities, and wired or wireless I/O, into one simple device are innovations that drastically reduce the installed cost of an automation system.
  • Attractive design enhances the architectural details of a building
  • Unique ability to integrate different building systems into a single graphic.  Perfect for applications like conference rooms, the enteliTOUCH allows users to adjust temperatures, lighting scenes, and occupancy schedules from single screen.
  • Firmware can be updated over the network making it simple to maintain.