When it comes to security, small sites carry the same burden of responsibility as their larger counterparts.  There remains the need to protect occupants and assets.  Small sites however do not have the luxury of dedicated security teams so need automation to lighten the load.

Occupants will always lose keys or keys can remain with staff who leave. Replacing keys is expensive and time consuming as all keys must be replaced, not just one.

Alarm systems are constantly ringing and you have no idea of who is in your building and when they arrived. 

Intrusion systems are either going off because occupants do not know the alarm code or they are not being set properly in the first place. Knowing who the last person in the building was, helps find the root cause of poor security management.

Knowledge of who is in the building is vital.  Particularly when it comes to muster reports, security breaches, or investigating incidents.  Knowing when people are coming and going and if they are working after hours is vital information.

These are all concerns that can be easily addressed with an Access Control Solution.

Delta Access Solutions

Eliminate re-keying: Access control can be used to replace keys. Each key is now a credential in the Access Control system and can be individually assigned. If the credential is lost then it can be disabled in the software and a new credential assigned. No one else is affected and no extra cost is incurred by re-keying the lock.

Intrusion integration: With access control, your intrusion system can be integrated with your access control hardware. When the building is locked the alarm activates giving you piece of mind that your building is being actively protected. When the building is unlocked in the morning, the intrusion system deactivates. Your building will never be unarmed again and if the intrusion system goes off accidently by an employee, you will know exactly who it was.

CCTV integration:  The access control system can also be integrated with the CCTV system.  With reduced staff, CCTV gives managers their eyes and ears on the ground.  Each image can be integrated with the access control, so security breaches can immediately bring the correct image to the attention of the manager.

Take control: Access control lets you become in control of your building. You can allow or deny access at any time. You can quickly run reports to determine who has accessed your building and when, giving you a constant window on the buildings in your care. 


  • Allows the building owner to see who is coming and going into your building
  • Lower the cost and increase security of your building by not issuing keys
  • Allows managers to understand the occupancy patterns of their buildings
  • Lock down your building and activate the intrusion alarm automatically.