Large Scale Applications


Growth is always a concern in any operation.  Any infrastructure investments are long-term investments and you need to be sure you have a scalable system that will grow with you. Many installed security systems cannot handle their current application.  Many cannot be efficiently expanded or upgraded.

There are many security roles within an organization and with a large system different people need access to different parts of the system. An operator who manages schedule changes doesn’t need to view credential data or the physical door setup. Managing access to different sections of the system is crucial for any management software. 

Large scale sites contain a vast amount of data and systems. This makes it difficult for operators to accurately assess situations as often a number of factors have to be taken into account.

Delta Access Solutions

Scalable:  The Access Control system from Delta Controls is scalable.  This networked system can be continually expanded by adding controllers from a range of configuration options.

Centralized information:  The Access View in the Delta Access Control system combines all of the access control information in a centric view within the navigation tree. All relevant information from day to day changes or door setup can be accessed from this location.  This information can be password accessed down to individual objects such as doors, cards, readers, schedules, locks or even groups of objects.  In this way, user profiles can be set up with remarkable granularity of access and responsibility.

Integration:  Using ORCAweb, CCTV cameras can be added to the navigation tree allowing a single click to retrieve the camera feed or access the video recorder directly. With ORCAview the camera images can be embedded directly into graphics providing images and information associated with that.  Delta’s Access Control Solution natively integrates with HVAC and lighting. The same software suite is used for all applications making site wide integration natural and simplistic.  All this integrated display information allows operators and managers to get a full picture of their facility and any situations that arise.


An operator doesn’t have time to search through different controllers individually to find information. A consolidated location greatly increases efficiency and workflow. With all the information in one place the user of the system can quickly respond to problems. Including the CCTV cameras and recorders directly into the navigation tree greatly aids the user in viewing and determining potential problems.

Native integration provides a lower cost of engineering and implementation for two reasons.

  • Additional software packages and components are not required.
  • When installing the product a single device can be used for multiple applications, such as a motion sensor. It can be used for security to detect intrusion, access control to shunt forced open conditions, HVAC and lighting for energy savings.