Earthright Dashboard in Canberra International Airport

Look what amazing things you can do with an Earthright Dashboard. Just in time for World Environment Day, new Energy Dashboards went online at Canberra International Airport thanks to the efforts of Delta Building Automation (our Partner in Australia) and the Delta Controls Partner Application Services team. These live dashboards pull data from enteliWEB to provide live interactive signs showing water and electricity consumption and other Earthright information.

Earthright energy Dashboard 

Here’s a bit more about what was installed at the Canberra International Airport:

  • Two screens to display electricity and water consumption for the previous three months, and savings year over year for the same time period.
  • One screen that displays current weather conditions and forecasts for Canberra International Airport.
  • Several screens that display interesting facts about how Canberra International Airport is saving energy and making a better, healthier environment (for example, the use of trigeneration plants, water savings from smart flushing, and calories burned by using the stairs instead of an elevator) with some cool custom graphics that fit the environment/location.
  • A custom theme created just for Canberra International Airport to their exact specifications to match the branding of the airport.