BEC wins Technical Innovation of the Year and Energy Management Award

Congratulations to Building Environment Controls and the Manchester Airport, who won two BCIA awards for 2014. Technical Innovation of the Year and the Energy Management Award.

Our partner, Building Environment Controls, implemented a fully integrated BEMS to provide seamless energy savings throughout Manchester Airport. This was in part through the use of VFDs, DALI lighting systems, and Delta Facility Scheduler. Delta Controls’ Partner Application Services integrated Facility Scheduler with  live flight data from the airport, pushing zone occupancy and passenger counts for each flight to the building controls through BACnet. The BMS is now able to use this information to ensure HVAC systems and lighting is operational only in occupied areas of the airport. Because the system reads live flight data, delays and last minute gate change are no problem, and the BMS can respond appropriately. As a result of this project, and the efforts of Building Environment Controls, the airport has seen a reduction of 10 GWh of gas and electricity use.