BACnet Web Services Plugfest

The first ever, online multi-vendor BACnet interoperability plugfest started this week. Five companies developed prototype implementations of the new BACnet Web Services based on the preliminary specification. With a collection of client and server BACnet Web Services products, the companies will be meeting online for the virtual plugfest.

The goal of the plugfest is to verify the proposed changes to the BACnet Web Services via implementation and experimentation. Each of the companies developed their products separately and will meet online for one-on-one testing. The BACnet Committee will be accepting feedback from the companies on the proposed standard with the intent of clarify those areas of the proposed standard where the implementors had differing interpretations.

The plugfest starts the week before the BACnet Committee’s Spring Interim meeting. The feedback from the first week of the plugfest will be reviewed by the committee at their meeting, and the results of those discussions will be taken back by the participating companies. The plugfest will restart the week after the BACnet Committee meeting with the companies making changes to their implementations based on the feedback from the BACnet Committee.

The plugfest was originally scheduled to coincide with the public review of the new BACnet Web Services, but the public review was delayed due to the size of the addendum and the time required for ASHRAE’s editorial process. The public review is expected to start in April immediately following the online plugfest and will last 60 days.