BACnet readies RESTful Web Services for a Plugfest in the fall…

ASHRAE SSPC 135 (aka The BACnet Committee) has been working on a second version of the BACnet Web Services (BACnet/WS) which provides a protocol neutral interface for Building Automation Systems to facilitate connection to the Enterprise. This will provide a more capable and secure interface for enterprise applications allowing access to more of the data found in Building Automation Systems.  

This new RESTful version of BACnet/WS extends the logical data model with more complete data modeling, subscriptions, semantic tagging for searching and filtering, and security based on TLS and OAuth2.0. The new version of BACnet/WS would allow for greater interoperability between enterprise applications and building automation systems.  Users will enjoy greater flexibility of data management as well as increased throughput.

"We are making good progress towards a public review version of the new RESTful BACnet Web Services, which will bring an enhanced connection between enterprise applications and building automation data."
-Carl Neilson, BACnet Committee Chairman

Six companies (Automated Logic, Cimetrics, Delta Controls, PolarSoft, Siemens, and Trane) have committed to participating in a BACnet/WS plugfest in late 2013 which will test the interoperability of BACnet/WS implementations.

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