eBM-D400R4 / eBM-400R4-H

Building Automation System enteliBus Module
The eBM-D400R4 is an enteliBUSTM I/O Expansion Module with 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs with optional monitored overrides. Auto detecting and hot swappable I/O Modules are selected to create the exact I/O combination needed for a given application. Should the application require the system to expand in the future, I/O expansion is easy to add.


The enteliBUS Control System is made up of multiple modular components that you select to meet the exact needs of a wide range of HVAC and Access control applications.

The enteliBUS I/O Modules provide the field I/O interface for the enteliBUS Control System. With I/O Modules supporting all common control types this allows the controller I/O mix to be easily and efficiently tailored to fit any application.


  • Auto detecting & hot swappable
  • 24V (AC or DC) digital inputs. Module supplies input power simplifying wiring to dry contacts. Input power is fused and monitored
  • Tri color LED status indication of each input state, with jumper selectable behavior for input LED action (NO/NC) and color (red, green or yellow)
  • Relay outputs for switching 24V AC or DC loads. Internal power jumper option simplifies field wiring. Internal power is fused and monitored
  • 3 position (HAO) monitored output override switches (optional).
  • Tri color LED status indication of each output state
  • Small footprint, DIN rail mountable
  • Modular design provides flexibility, ease of service, and reduced cost for future upgrades/expansion


4 Digital Inputs:

  • 24VDC: IEC61131-2 Type 1/3
  • Off: 5.0VDC max
  • On: 11.0VDC min
  • 24VAC: 14KΩ typical loading
  • Off: 5.0VAC max
  • On: 18.0VAC min

Tri color LED status indication of each input with jumper selectable behavior for input LED action and color:

LED Action jumper options

  • CLS: LED ON when contact closed
  • OPN: LED ON when contact opened

LED Color jumper options

  • GRN: LED ON color = Green
  • RED: LED ON color = Red
  • GRN + RED: LED ON color = Yellow


4 Relay Outputs (SPST N/O):

  • 24V (AC or DC) at 0.5 Amp maximum per output*
  • Jumper configurable for internal* or external power
  • 3 position (HAO) monitored override switches (optional)

* 0.25A maximum per output when switching internal power

Tri color LED status indication of each output:

Auto Off = Black

Auto On = Green

Manual Off = Red

Manual On (Hand) = Yellow


3 Pin removable screw-type terminal connectors

Wiring Class

Class 2 / SELV



5VA, 27VA max. with fully loaded outputs*

*I/O Module power is supplied from an eBX or eBCON through the backplane.


0° to 55°C (32° to 131°F)

10 - 95% RH (non-condensing)


12.6 x 2.3 x 10 cm (5.0 x 0.9 x 4.0”)


Snap mounts to enteliBUS Backplane & DIN rail assembly

Enclosure Protection Rating






UL 916

  • Expanders & IO Modules