Leadership Team

Delta Controls has boardroom stability that other companies would be envious of – the four founding partners are still active board members.  In addition, as appropriate to a company of Delta Control’s stature, there is now an experienced team of senior managers in place, who bring decades of industry experience, and a fresh outside perspective. 

But Delta Controls' wealth of experience doesn't just come from management. Our employee turnover is exceptionally low, which reflects our culture as a genuine team.  With a ‘Do it right’ philosophy, our employees have a very clear guide in how they should act. And when you know what the company stands for and how you contribute, you have happy, stable, performing teams.  Our employee satisfaction rating indicates that’s what we have, year in, year out. 

To find out more about working at Delta Controls, and the wide range of stimulating roles we have please see our people profiles on the Careers pages.

Joseph Oberle


Joe is President of Delta Controls Inc. and a member of the board of directors for its parent company, Delta Products Corporation. Joe has been with Delta Products Corporation for 5 years as Vice President of Corporate Development. Prior to joining Delta Products, Joe spent 23 years with General Electric, first at GE Lighting as Technology General Manager, responsible for electronics and energy efficient lighting products, and later as Product General Manager, leading GE Transportation’s global aftermarket business. Joe is a graduate of Kent State University and GE’s Six Sigma and senior management training programs. He holds 11 patents in the lighting and energy fields.

Brian Goodchild President Delta Controls 

Brian Goodchild

Founder and Senior Advisor

Founder and Senior Advisor of Delta Controls, President and Co-founder of ESC Automation Inc (1980), and CopperTree Analytics Inc. Brian, like many entrepreneurs, is a visionary. He is a Professional Engineer and saw the changes in microprocessor technology in the late 70's as an opportunity to further improve the performance of buildings. Brian spearheaded the development of one of the first direct digital control systems,  now a fourth generation control system, and the world’s first integrated native BACnet™ HVAC, Access and Lighting control product line.

Raymond Rae Vice President

Raymond Rae

Founder and Senior Advisor

Raymond Rae is the Senior Advisor of Delta Controls Inc. and co-founded the Delta Controls Group in 1980.  An industry veteran, Raymond was a founding director of the BACnet Manufacturers association, which became the industry body BACnet International, and was a founding corporate member of the BMA.  Raymond has enjoyed more than 35 years in the HVAC industry, and has an extensive background, including: energy auditing, computerized building simulations, system commissioning, controls, engineering, product certifications, design, and marketing. Raymond has been a member of ASHRAE since 1984.

John Nicholls Executive Vice President

John Nicholls

Executive Vice President

John, a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nottingham in the UK, engineered all across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia before settling in France for 3 years as CEO of a controls company based in Paris. Back in the UK in 1991, he became VP for Sales & Marketing at Andover Controls, and then CEO of Andover Controls for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

John was part of the Delta family for many years before becoming our EVP, and was instrumental in the creation of Delta Poland and Delta Germany.

Bobbi Bhangu Chief Financial Officer

Bobbi Bhangu

Chief Financial Officer

Bobbi Bhangu has been in the HVAC/Controls industry for her entire career.  She started with the Delta family working with ESC Automation and was responsible for implementing an industry leading job costing system, which continues to serve the business today.  

She joined Delta Controls in 2000 and holds CGA, CPA. Responsible for the corporate finance and IT functions for Delta Controls, Bobbi is an integral member of the senior executive team.

Chris Kwong Director of Engineering

Chris Kwong

Director of Engineering

Chris leads all the hardware and embedded software development within Delta Controls. His varied industry experience, including public access control, automatic payment systems, utilities, oil and gas, steel manufacturing, and telecom – make for a uniquely practical view point.  Chris earned his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, and is a practicing registered professional engineer in computer engineering, with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) since 1993. He has also been an involved member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) since 1985.

Timo Kinna Director of Product Development

Timo Kinna

Director of Product Development

Timo earned a BSc in Computing Science back in 1986.  A programmer at heart, Timo joined Delta Controls as a Junior Programmer in 1987 and now, with 100s of product launches under his belt, he is responsible for the continued development of Delta’s beloved GCL programming (known for its clarity and being simple to use in the field).  Timo’s team continues to make what goes inside the box (the software and programming), the best in the industry, according to our distributors.

Lee Dickson Director of Quality Assurance

Lee Dickson

Director of Quality Assurance

Lee is another of the team educated in Electronic Engineering Technology, which has helped him integrate into almost every part of Delta Controls over the years. He's gone from being a hardware developer, where his primary focus was to bullet-proof the V2 product line, to heading up the Test department in Manufacturing.  Since 1996 Lee been responsible for Quality Assurance, overseeing all aspects of hardware testing and RMA service, and closing the loop on hardware quality.  His team maintains our ISO9001 Quality Management System, and helps us remain one of the most reliable products on the market.

David Amos Director of Product Management

David Amos

Director of Product Management

David was part of the Delta family for a number of years with ESC Automation before joining Delta Controls. After he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from UBC, his first job was with ESC. David worked for ESC for 12 years as an Application Engineer and Service Technician. During this time he was given the opportunity to move to the US where he worked initially in the ESC Tigard office, and later the ESC Bothell office. He joined Delta as Director of Product Management in 2015.