Save Money

enteliWEB works to save you money.

  • Fully-fledged energy management and facility management software in one package. Different permission rules mean you can use this as two systems for different staff or as one integrated package.
  • Uses the existing building automation system infrastructure. There’s no need to install a completely separate network just for energy monitoring.
  • Does not require proprietary meters. enteliWEB can interface with any meter already installed, so no new hardware costs.
  • Reduce the setup time and cost by importing existing ORCAview graphics to visualize building operation.
  • Create your building’s own energy baseline to track energy management improvements and show how much you have saved.

Be Flexible

enteliWEB is both flexible and customizable, meaning it’s the right solution for you.

  • View and manage HVAC, lighting, energy and other systems from one operator workstation.
  • Create custom dashboards for every user to display all the information you need on one page, and our simple user interface graphics mean you don’t need to be a programmer to achieve this!
  • Create your own widgets, you can even put the interface of third-party systems into a widget window – so you don’t need to have multiple packages and screens open, giving you the convenience of an ‘all in one view’ of your key operating systems.
  • Use the configurable reports in enteliWEB or design custom reports using an industry standard open source report design package.
  • Web-based access, and tablet optimized dashboards make enteliWEB easy to view on an iPad or Android tablet.
  • Centrally manage multiple facilities from all over the city or country from one location.