What can enteliWEB do for me?

enteliWEB gives you a single management solution

enteliWEB effortlessly connects to all your facilities under one login. Bringing all your buildings, systems and energy analysis into one facility management umbrella saves engineering and maintenance time. It allows operators to work efficiently as they don’t have to work with multiple unconnected systems.

enteliWEB helps you to make sense of data easily and quickly

With all these interconnected systems comes a lot of data. enteliWEB collects and organizes this information, displaying it within a dashboard visualization. Dashboards customized to your needs exist at every level in enteliWEB.

  • Manage multiple sites from one seat.
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface makes it clear where you are and highlights important information quickly.
  • Energy alerts monitor areas or meters triggerring an alert when values approach or exceed targets.
  • Intelligent visualizations automatically display trends that pinpoint the time of the alarm and display the history of the alarm.